Tuesday, July 26, 2016

View From the Bridge in Yellowstone National Park

A small part of Yellowstone's vast 2,000,000+ acres
Majestic is the only word to describe this place.
It gives me a sense of peace amid the turmoil of our current
political world.

Cook City Montana

A Quiet Early March Afternoon

This was literally the end of the road.  The pile of snow at left is where the snowplows
stopped plowing

Monday, July 25, 2016

Worship Night in America

Thousands of Christians gathered at Madison Square Garden to be entertained and to praise Jesus. As I watched the joy these people experience through prayer and music,I kept wondering how these same people would feel if thousands of Muslims gathered to praise Allah. It would probably not be welcomed and would be frightening because Muslims have been conflated with the violence that a relative handful of extremists have resorted to, not only against the west, but also against fellow Arabs and fellow Muslims. In the same way Christians have conflated their belief in  the power of Jesus with nativism and patriotism of a distorted nature. This is the foundational power of the Christian right. Every religion has violent zealots, even Buddhism  And to me zealots of whatever faith distort the messages of love and acceptance and charity that is the foundation of their respective religions. For this reason, I found the evening to be both eye-opening and entertaining, but above all a little scary.

Grand Central Terminal

grand central terminal is still a grand old lady. she looks better with every passing decade of my life.