Friday, February 23, 2018

Why We Are a Backward Country

Okay we’re not actually backward, but we are our country that idolizes our roots as a society that conquered the wilderness . We dream of that single brave family rushing west and claiming a free homestead. That rugged individual, who actually existed but has been mythologized out of all reality as what made America Great in the first place. This is simply false. Life was hard and short. People travelled west in groups, and disease and massacres and failures, social and economic took a major toll. Success was rare. As for America’s great industrialists, they worked people to death or until illness threw them out on the streets and into poverty. They destroyed our ecology they created conditions where water was ruined and where the dust bowl of the 30s became inevitable. What actually made America great was the activist policies of presidents like Theodore Roosevelt, FDR, and LBJ. Those men knew that American freedom could only be great when we took care of each other and our natural environment. Paul Krugman said it better than I can in today’s New York Times. He argues that a certain segment of the population views any regulation no matter how beneficial as an infringement on that pioneer spirit which it has idolized out of all recognition. He notes that Hobbes said such a society is nasty and brutish. I would say it’s not a society at all. It’s a collection of individuals who happen to occupy the same land mass, and who can do whatever no matter how much it hurts everyone else. It’s not civilization and it’s surely not great. Just ask those young coal miners that Trump touts because they got jobs. Black lung disease is on the rise while safety regulations are being wiped out, and healthcare becomes less available and more costly.

I have Trump’s CPAC speech on now. I see him whipping up his crowd into a frenzy as he talks about himself in glowing terms. He spouts lies, and diminishes fellow Americans who disagree with him. He is a hooligan in a business suit, and sadly this ignoramus who never cracked a book is our leader. I watch him MAL...Make America Less.


Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Checking in

The Blue Ribbon, Phelps NY.

Sad Irony

It is a sad state of affairs when pension funds of teachers and other Florida are invested in a crime feeder business


The Florida Retirement System Pension Plan, which serves the state’s teachers, has a significant investment in American Outdoor Brands Co. — the very same company that manufactured the AR-15 assault rifle used in the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting last week — to the tune of 41,129 shares, worth roughly half a million dollar
Source: Bloomberg

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Letchworth State Park

I had a wonderful time photographing the falls and the gorge. 
Nature is so inspiring
In so many ways.
Peace is present
I cannot understand why some people will not see it’s value
Why they want to destroy it.
Well, of course the answer is money.

I’m Back

After 18 months I’ve decided to post here again. I am deactivating my Facebook account because I am angry that social media has refused to do anything to stop bots and trolls. Today, I feel very good about this action. I am a fairly solitary person, and many times FB has made me feel lonely. I buy stuff I don’t need.  I have suddenly found time to read and do their things that make me happy and make me more productive. I may change my mind about this decision, but in the meantime, I can post and my incidental musings.

The first one is, I know the old truism that we always fight the last war, but really Donald? After the Florida shooting he goes back to Vegas and banning bump stocks?