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What is Photo-Mythology?

What is the meaning of the name of this blog.  It is very simple.  Everyone's photographs tell a story. This is true of professionals, hobbyists and snap and shooters.  It is even true of the work of chronic selfie-takers.

Whatever the photographers intent, he or she is telling you something about the person behind the camera, or in the case of selfies, the person both behind and in front of the camera.

This blog is very personal.  I am telling stories about myself and my experiences.  I appear to be truthful, but nothing is straightforward as it seems.  Sometimes what you see is simply photo-mythology.  That is I am showing you artifice as well as fact.  It can start with things I know to be true, but in the telling of the story I add embellishments.  I do this because I don't know everything so I make stuff up that might be right or wrong. Sometimes, I am just concealing the truth. The viewer needs to decide whether what he or she sees is fact or fiction or a combination of …

So Where Have I Gone? Here there and nowhere

Book of Mormon
Mushroom Houses
Train arrives
Ready to work
Snowy Canandaigua, NY
Falling water
Vigil in Sacramento, no one watching

This is what I do at night


Comity and Regular Order

I am obsessed by the current state of affairs... it keeps me up at night...filled with creaking on the stairs....and order is no where’s

NYPD Cars are Smart


Finally Got Out and About

After I don't know how many weeks of being sick.  I got myself to the office and got my tax info prepared. I'm exhausted

Watkins Glen Last Spring

My happy place...among others.


"Propanda's purpose is to make on group of people forget that another set is human." Aldous Huxley. The key give away to the fact that you are hearing propaganda is that the word "they" is used ad nauseum.